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About Rich and Forward Motion Coaching
I used to define myself through drinking, primarily scotch and beer. It made me feel cool, helped me fit in, and connected me with people. Drinking replaced the insecurities I had as a fat kid, allowing me to hang out with the popular crowd. In college, however, excessive drinking started affecting my academic performance, and my social circle wasn't exactly the coolest. Nevertheless, I continued drinking heavily and joined a fraternity, where my reputation as a drinker excelled. But this success didn't translate into valuable life skills. As I grew older and graduated, the frequency of drinking slowed down, but it was still a constant presence in my life.

Even though I had moments of reflection, considering quitting or questioning if I had a problem, I struggled to imagine a life without alcohol. It was deeply ingrained in my persona, tied to socializing, bonding, and relaxation. I had numerous close calls, including a vivid nightmare about causing a drunk driving accident, which made me vow to never drink and drive. However, it took me several more years to finally quit drinking at the age of 49. The cognitive dissonance between knowing it was the right thing to do and accepting a non-drinker identity was a significant hurdle.

Eventually, I came across a book called "This Naked Mind" by Annie Grace, recommended by a friend. Reading it during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, I reached a turning point. From that moment on, I lost all desire to drink. The relief and liberation I felt from breaking free from alcohol's hold on me were unparalleled. As I embraced my new identity, I became vocal about my decision to quit drinking, often surprising and baffling those around me.

Attending social events without alcohol became the norm, and I took pleasure in ordering non-alcoholic alternatives and engaging in conversations about my choice. I even had friends who were inspired to consider their own drinking habits. Witnessing their willingness to change reminded me of the influence I had on them during our younger days. I found redemption in guiding others towards a healthier relationship with alcohol.

Through various encounters and experiences, I realized the distorted perception society holds about drinking. I laughed heartily when a heavily intoxicated golfer asked if I was an alcoholic while holding a beer at 10 a.m. It highlighted the irony of the situation. This incident further fueled my desire to spread awareness about the deceptive marketing tactics employed by the alcohol industry and help as many people as possible break free from the clutches of this addictive poison.

Inspired by Annie Grace's work, I reached out to her to offer my assistance in spreading the message. Later, I enrolled in a coaching program to further support others on their journey towards an alcohol-free life.
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